Chaos and exalts delivery within 1 - 20 minutes once you've paid.
We carry out orders for other currency and items. Ask for more info.



PC Blight 1.1$
PS4 Blight ask price

PC Blight ask price
PS4 2.2$

PC Blight 1.4$
PS4 ask price

PC Blight ask price
PS4 ask price



Boosting is our most powerful and quality service!
We do provide unique way of build related services and boosting you will not find anywhere.
Our experience allows us to tackle complex orders for more info contact us.

                      Powerleveling - Legion SC 55$ / Legion HC 65$
                      70 lvl character
                      10 acts completed
                      Full points from quests
                      3 Labyrinths
                      Time needed for the order 5-8 hours
                      All dropped items/currency stored to your stash

                  Powerquesting - Legion SC 25$ / Exalts
                  1 lvl character
                  10 acts completed
                  Full points from quests
                  All act trials
                  Time needed for the order 2-3 hours
                  All that remains to you is get leveling by yourself

Additional services:
Character building
Labyrinth service
We do powerleveling up to lvl 100
Atlas progress service 100/150 maps
Live stream of your character progress


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We are gaming community, we have been playing path of exile for more than 6 years together.
There are lot of e-services around, but what's special about us?

We do not consider ourselves as a shop, you will not find any other games here, we are focused exclusively on our favorite path fo exile game. You can ask absolutely free for any advice, something about builds, maybe your build in particular from any person working for our community. Every person who is associated with our brand is specialist in path of exile game.


We do giveaways in our discord server. By joining our discord server you can find a lot of useful information about the game, news, league overviews, and most important u can participate in giveaways.


We help to sort things out in the game to any client. By ordering character building you will experience absolutely new emotions from playing the game. Cheap and unique acts boost service helps our customers to save time and to skip boring acts. Try to order any of services!

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